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        Maskwa Environmental and Social Systems (M.E.S.S)

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Specific Products & Services

MESS combines geotechnical and hydrogeological capabilities to minimize, mitigate & clean-up a variety of pollutants and contaminates. These include defining the extent and magnitude of the pollution sources and developing ground water extraction and treatment, ground water gradient controls and disposal of waster contaminates.


Environmental Site Remediation & Clean-up

Chemical Spills and Leaks
Drilling and Soil Sampling
Pollutant Drainage Surveys
Ground Water Extraction and Monitoring
On-site Treatment Technologies


Underground Storage Tank Management

Soil Vapor Testing
Integrity Testing
Corrosion Testing
Soil Chemical Testing
Ground Water Testing
Regulatory Compliance Programs
Removal and Upgrading


Landfill and Hydrogeologic Studies

Site Feasibility Studies
Landfill Closure Plans
Site Characterizations
Flood Control Evaluations
Ground Water Impact Evaluations
Groundwater monitoring
Landfill gas monitoring
Regulatory Audits
Alternative Waste Management Programs
Community Initiatives for Solid Waste



Phase I Site Reconnaissance
Phase II Site Exploration
Phase III Site Remediation
Environmental Management Frameworks (EMF's)



Evaluate the applicability of storm water discharges
Assist in determining the specific permitting requirements
Improvements required under governmental authority
Water quality
Sediment control
Hydraluic structures
Watershed Characterization



Strategies for non-attainment of criteria pollutants (primarily ozone and carbon monoxide)
Control of hazardous air pollutants (HAP's)
Control the precursors of acidic deposition from industrial and electric utility sources
A uniform, nationwide system of permitting air pollutant sources
Reduction and ultimate elimination of cholorofluorocarbons - CFCs



Aquatic and Terrestrial Inventories
Resource Management Plans
Monitoring Programs
Habitat Assessment and restoration
Protected Areas Planning
Forestry road planning and remediation
Biodiversity Characterization



Environmental Assessments
Negotiations with First Nations
Mine Closure & Reclamation
Tailings dams
Acid Rock Drainage


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